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Kanye West, Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Herschel Walker. An oval-office worth of HBCU presidents. A procession of Black men, Ice Cube most recently, habitually making the same unforced error. All spontaneously manifesting a perverse political pragmatism. An unfortunate accommodating affinity. A racial politic awkwardly aligned with white power.

What is…

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for — just take the COVID vaccine.

For all its faults and valid criticisms of the agency, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) routinely, effectively manages the food supply and countless pharmaceuticals daily. We go to the grocery store and…

Radical Solidarity | Unmaking Whiteness
Image Credit: Treti Pivni | Third Rooster

White folks attempting to align themselves with a decidedly #BlackLivesMatter moment must first contend with an inconvenient though liberating truth — authentic anti-racist solidarity is only possible through the unmaking of whiteness.

Whiteness has only ever held one intention: to invalidate or refute any claims of non-white citizenship or personhood…

Kirk Mead

Agitated. Thought-filled. Occasional writer.

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